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The Hindu ePaper 31 January 2023 Today

The Hindu The Hindu is from one of the most popular daily English newspapers published in India. The headquarter of the news agency are in Chennai. At the time when it was launched in 1878, the newspaper published weekly. Later in 1889 company started publishing newspaper daily. The Hindu is found to be the second most famous and circulated newspaper around the country. A finding from Jan-Jun 2016 shows that the average sold copies of newspaper were 1.45 millions. Southern India is considered to be the base for the circulation of this newspaper. Moreover, Daily The Hindu is the most commonly read daily newspaper in some cities like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The ownership of The Hindu Newspaper and other publications in The Hindu group are owned by Kasturi and Sons Ltd. A survey in 2010 reveals that employers of the agency were over 1600 and annual business reached almost $200. Because of its rapid sale advertisements and subscriptions give good boost to its annual budget. The Hindu Group was the first company which introduced online edition of their newspaper. In November 2015, the publication of the newspaper was started from 18 different parts across nine states. The states includes Kochi, Mangaluru, Tiruchirappalli, Hubballi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Bengaluru, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Noida, Visakhapatnam Mohali, Allahabad, and Malappuram.

The Hindu was weekly news paper when it was launched in 1878 and it became daily in 1889 and the most circulated newspaper of the Hindu community. And it is English language newspaper. It played a crucial role in the freedom fight of the Indian sub continent. And its head quarter is in Chennai. Having common sense with the congress tolerance towards certain manifestations of Hindu extremism and the belief that Hindu Muslim unity was requisite for achieving the press association of Indian formed in 1915 submitted a memorandum to the authorities pointing out that up to 1917 22 papers had been asked to furnish security and 18 of them had to shut down rather than function under printing press which has existed before the press act of 1910 had been proceeded against under the act. In all 286 cases of warning and 705 cases of demand for heavy security and forfeitures by executive order stifled the victims. The tribune Lahore was asked to furnish two thousand its editor was sentenced to imprisonment and a fine but this phase was not to last.

The Hindu Newspaper functioned quite freely during 1923 and 1030 meanwhile with the withdrawal of civil disobedience movement in1922 and the dissolution of the khilafat movement in 1924 stormy winds blew all over the subcontinent. The Hindu proved to be powerful and prestigious newspaper in English which played dynamic role in the freedom movement. The British and press launched a campaign of malicious propaganda against Hindu community and its leadership. The Hindu successfully defused all three baseless fabrications and the Hindu had to work immensely hard on this front. The Hindu had a character of its own it was the mouthpiece of the younger generation. Which had been inspired by Hindus its management was competent and although it was a privately owned newspaper for all practical purposes it was a privately owned newspaper for all practical purposes it was organ of the Hindu league which kept a critical watch on what the doing to bolster up the British raj.

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