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Navbharat Times ePaper

Navbharat Times ePaper 8 December 2023 Today

Navbharat Times ePaper Navbharat Times (NBT) is a one of the largest circulated newspaper of India. It is publishing as a daily Hindi Newspaper by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. from Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow. Navbharat Times ePaper also own by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.. It is one of the oldest Hindi Newspaper and The Times of India, The Economic Times, Ei Samay, Maharashtra Times, Vijaya Karnataka are sister newspapers of NBT.
The origin of the Navbharat Times Hindi Newspaper is Delhi but the newspaper is widely circulated in also Mumbai and Lucknow. Daily circulation of this newspaper is 4.23 lakh per day in Delhi with 19.7 lakh strong readership. According the Indian Readership Survey this newspaper has one of the largest circulated newspaper.
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