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Daily Saltanat ePaper 26 November 2022 Gujranwala

Daily Saltanat GujranwalaDaily Saltanat Gujranwala is published from Lahore and Gujranwala. Its headquarters is in Printing House, Karachi. It is an ABC certified newspaper and member of APNS. This is a daily base Urdu newspaper. Daily Saltanat Gujranwala Newspaper provides daily latest and breaking news about Nation, International, Local, Pakistan, Education, Sports, Entertainment, Politics and other news. Editor of Daily Saltanat is Ali Hussain Shah, Chief Editor of Roznama Saltanat is Irfan Basheer Butt and Assistant Editor of Daily Saltanat is Hakeem Qamar Shahbaz.
For Those Who Want to Read Daily Saltanat ePaper they can Visit its Official Website: www.dailysaltanat.com.
Official Website: www.dailysaltanat.com
Title: Daily Saltanat Online Edition
Description: Daily Saltanat Gujranwala Newspaper Today ePaper Read Online Free For Latest Breaking News in Urdu From Gujranwala and Pakistan.
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