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Daily K2

Daily K2 8 December 2023 Urdu Newspaper

Daily K2Daily K2 is one of the most widely circulated ABC certified Urdu newspaper in Pakistan. Daily K2 has been publishing from Gilgit Baltistan, Abbottabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Karachi simultaneously highlighting the local problems and issues along with national and international news. Daily K2 being published by the names of cities are as follows:
Daily K2 Gilgit Baltistan
Daily K2 GB
Daily K2 Abbottabad
Daily K2 Rawalpindi
Daily K2 Islamabad
Daily K2 Karachi
Daily K2 Newspaper has always been considered as the hallmark of reporting. Its acceptance among people has only being possible due to the faith in authenticity of news. The format of Roznama K2 newspaper is broad sheet which includes 8 pages and comes at a very affordable price i.e. 10 rupees. The newspaper is divided into different sections and pages. This division depends upon the type of content they include.

The front page includes Daily K2 headlines and latest news. This is the section that includes national and international news (top stories). The second and third page of Daily K2 is also about news highlights. Fourth page of Daily K2 also known as editors section all about views and reviews of Daily K2 columnists presenting their opinions in the form of articles and columns also known as Daily K2 columns. Fifth page known as daily K2 sports page includes latest sports updates. Sixth page is the section where you can get daily K2 classified ads. This section also provides Daily K2 job ads. The job ads are normally mentioned by the names of publishing cities like Gilgit Baltistan, Abbottabad, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and others. The seventh page of the newspaper also known as Daily K2 baqia page is the section where you can get the complete stories and the remaining part of the news that you have read in the starting pages. Eight the last page of Daily K2 also known as the back page covers mostly national and local news.
Daily K2 Online which goes by the name as Daily K2 ePaper is also very famous among the people for Daily K2 current News. The ePaper of Daily K2 is also available by the names of cities. The good thing aboout online version is this that you can get all the published Daily K2 Urdu newspaper here, from the oldest to the latest. Each and every soft copy of Daily K2 is available here.
The official website of Daily K2 is www.k2.com.pk. K2 news online streaming is also available and one can also get latest news on daily K2 YouTube. The email address of daily K2 is [email protected]. You can contact daily K2 via e-mail or calling them on the numbers provided on the official website of Daily K2 newspaper. You can also get in touch with Daily K2 on Daily K2 Face book page.
Daily K2 Official Website: www.K2.com.pk
K2 news online streaming: kay2.tv/livetv.php
Daily K2 facebook: www.facebook.com/dailyk2/
Daily K2 Twitter: twitter.com/dailyk2_gb?lang=en
Daily K2 Email Address: [email protected].
Daily K2 Contact Details



Contact Number


Skardu KPN Office

05815-454099, 05815-454099


Gilgit KPN Office

05811-453446, 05811-453446 3.


Chillas KPN Office

-450870 05812-450621 6


Muzafarabad (AJK) office



Islamabad (Head Office)