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Roznama Jammu Kashmir Times Muzaffarabad

Daily Jammu Kashmir TimesDaily Jammu Kashmir Times is publishing from Muzafarabad, Azad Kashmir and Rawalpindi. It is one of the most popular Urdu Newspaper of Azad Kashmir.Iy is an ABC certified newspaper. This newspaper started from Muzafarabad in 2007. This newspaper provides Local Issues, National, International, Business, Entertainment, sports, weather and showbiz news. It advertise hundreds of jobs on daily basis. Its price is 10 Rs and it has 8 pages. The Chief Editor of Daily Jammu Kashmir times Newspaper is Zulfiqar Hussain Butt and General Manager is Faisal Butt. For Those Who Want to Read Daily Jammu Kashmir Times They Can Visit It's Official Website: jammukashmirtimes.com. At The Website You Will Find Daily Jammu Kashmir Times Too. You Are Visiting Daily Jammu Kashmir Times Page of Epaper.PkNewspapers.com.