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Daily AkhbaratAkhbarat.com provides information on newspapers, magazines, television, radio and cinema in Pakistan. It is The Largest Pakistani Media Portal.
Akhbarat is introducing Pakistan Media Database with useful links, images, videos and information's on print- and electronic media and media personalities. It is bring Global World News Websites, Urdu News, English News, World News websites, Business Newspapers, Useful business links, Kashmiri Newspapers, Other Kashmiri sites, Indian Urdu newspapers, English Media, Local languages Media, Live News Channels, Live Entertainment Channels, Live Religious Channels, Local & Overseas TV, Radio links, Videos on YouTube and Official sites. You can Search Latest Sports News, Latest Cricket scores, Cricket links, Urdu Shairi, English & Roman text, Latest IT News and Useful World links.
It's Official Website is: www.akhbarat.com/
Note: akhbarat.com is now moved to another website known as pakmag.net.