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List of Indian Newspapers, ePpaers, News Sites and Magazines Online.

The Pioneer Daily English Newspaper

The Pioneer Newspaper The Pioneer Newspaper is an English daily newspaper published in India. This is published from several locations of the country including important places like Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bhopal, Haryana. This is the second oldest newspaper in the country. After being so old it is still second largest circulated newspaper after THE TIMEs OF INDIA. The Pioneer Newspaper Online group also launched their first HINDI version in 2010 in Luck now. It was ALLAHABAD where first time. The Pioneer English Newspaper was published in 1865 by an Englishman named as George Allen. The owner had great success in his previous business in last decade. Initially, in its first four years, it was published three days of the week. The pioneer also published its news source named Pioneer Mail in 1866. The new supplements mostly contain advertisements. The newspaper still has number readerships and also its Hindi version has been liked by people.
You can read The Pioneer ePaper Today on its official website by clicking on this linkhttp://www.dailypioneer.com/. This Website provides all the edition of this newspaper like The Pioneer ePaper Chandigarh, The Pioneer ePaper Bhopal, The Pioneer ePaper Haryana, The Pioneer ePaper Lucknow, The Pioneer ePaper Delhi, The Pioneer ePaper Kanpur. You can also read all latest and oldest ePapers on its official website.
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Nagaland Post Dimapur ePaper

Nagaland Post ePaper Nagaland Post ePaper is an English language newspaper published daily in India from Dimapur (Nagaland). The newspaper was launched in the month of December in 1990. Nagaland Post online epaper is considered to be a most circulated newspaper with the huge number of readerships in the region. The newspaper was also known as the first color newspaper of this area. Nagaland Post Newspaper also introduced multi-color pages newspaper in North-East India. It is also been very famous news source in North-East India with second largest circulated newspaper.
Nagaland Post Online ePaper also certified with ABC certificate. The Nagaland always works with a good reputation and shows professional journalism that is why it is one the most famous newspaper in all the eleven districts of the state. This media group also published a weekly post on regular basis named as SUNDAY POST where no other newspaper has done so. The weekly supplement of the newspaper contains different interesting issues and photographs from different parts of the region.
Nagaland Post Dimapur ePaper provides Nagaland Post News Headlines, Nagaland Post Hot news, Nagaland Post News Latest, Nagaland Post local new, Sports, Entertainment news and much more on its official website. You can read Nagaland Post Newspaper for Today by clicking on this link www.nagalandpost.com/. You can Like Nagaland Post Daily Newspaper Facebook page www.facebook.com/nagalandpost/
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Mid-Day Newspaper Today

Mid Day Newspaper Mid Day Mumbai Today is an English daily newspaper published in India. The newspaper is mainly published from Pune and Mumbai in many other languages. In 1979, Khalid Ansari established and owned the newspaper. The newspaper launched its Mid Day Sunday epaper edition named as Sunday Mid-Day in 1981. After Khalid Ansar it was led by his son Tariq Ansari and later in 2010 he sold the newspaper to Jagran Prakashan.
Mid Day Daily Newspaper focus to cover many parts of daily life including News from the local, national and international community. It also covers Sports, Lifestyles and Films. The interesting thing about the newspaper is its Sunday edition also comes with games, jokes and different puzzles for its readers. As the readership increase, the newspaper started focusing other parts to cover like traveling, business etc.
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Mint English Newspaper

Mint Newspaper Mint ePaper Online is an English newspaper published by HT media focusing business news. The media group also publishes one of the most important newspaper with large circulation HINDUSTAN TIMES. The main reader of the newspaper are businessmen and those people who are always interested in policy making. Mint English Newspaper is also known as first Indian business newspaper which is published in Berliner Format.
Live Mint Newspaper Epaper also includes branded editorial content in its pages named as Wall Street Journal. Mint epaper is also considered to combine project of HT media and Newscorp. Raju Narisetti is founder and editor of the newspaper till 2008 and after him, it was led by Sukumar Ranganathan who remained its founder till 2017. Another important year of the newspaper was 2014 in which seven years the long editorial partnership between HT media and Journal comes to an end and also appoints Vinay Kamat as editor in 2018. The online version of the newspaper is also available at www.livemint.com

Orissa Post Newspaper Today

Orissa Post Newspaper Orissa Post daily Newspaper is an English Language newspaper published daily from different states of India including Angul, Odisha, Sambalpur, Bhubaneswar and Rayagada. Editor of Orissa Post Newspaper is Tathagata Satpathy. The newspaper was a project of Dharitri(Newspaper) group they started it in 2011. The group also runs newspaper Oriya, which has most readerships in the region.
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